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Thursday, September 21, 2017

#Smarterhiphop submission by @JuicyJ and @Macklemore New Mixtapes!!!

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           Respectfully  Almando Mcfadden aka @DJMONDOENT 
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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

#Smarterhiphop submission by @chaptabois drop new single and video for KASH


Chaptabois drop new EP single and video for KASH

Chaptabois are a forward thinking duo of two brothers, Snypa and Shankanites, who are known for their dynamic skills and hard hitting sound in the underground hip hop scene of Houston, Texas. With their depth of production and strong lyrical ability, Chaptabois also pride themselves on providing a positive viewpoint in contrast to a lot of the hip hop spewed forth by artists today.

New single Kash may seem like another does of classic hip hop on the surface, but it's a closer look at why there's such a capitalist obsession for money, while for so many it's simply the only answer to overcoming life or death scenarios such as living in poverty. Money brings a certain level of independence and can open up a world of opportunity for those fortunate to have enough of it. As a result it's the driving factor that's forced upon us to work hard to attain the material things we may want in life.

You may not know it but it's likely you've heard something from the Chaptabois cannon as their music has featured in TV series such as Power, Training Day and Lethal Weapon while landing placements across HBO, MTV, VH1, BET, E, Starz, Oxygen, Fuel, ESPN, NFL Network, MLB, TV-ONE, as well spots across Channel 7 in Australia and prime time TV in Canada.

While currently spreading the word for their brand new EP 'Momma We Made ItSnypa says of the duo's mission statement "Chaptabois use their talent and platform to be a voice for the underdogs. For the ones who have a will to succeed, but may not have the proper guidance and resources to make it happen. We try to bring a sense of champion to our listeners. To say strive to become the best you can be and never be afraid to be you."

'Momma We Made It' EP feat. the single Kash is out now via all good digital retailers
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           Respectfully  Almando Mcfadden aka @DJMONDOENT 
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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

#Smarterhiphop submission New Video! Billionaire Burke "What I Like"

Billionaire Burke
"What I Like"
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Billionaire Burke
"What I like"

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In "What I Like", the visual prologue to his epic narrative, Billionaire Burke acquaints us with some of 'what he likes' as a self-made boss in his 'Rise To Greatness', clandestinely navigating through a sketchy NYC landscape.

Hailing from East Harlem, Burke is the next New York rapper to make a name for himself on the scene. The 29-year old artist became interested in music around the age of 13 inspired by a variety of genres including Jazz and Soul music. Some of Burke's musical inspirations are Mobb Deep and Biggie Smalls, which helps to portray his gritty traditional New York sound that many hip hop fans, yearn for.
Gearing up to debut his new project "Rise to Greatness", Burke's tracks have something for everyone. Appealing to the masses, the single "What I Like" is already in heavy rotation on Power 105 - WWPR in New York City and Hot 92.3 - WZMX  in Hartford, CT. In addition to hot radio airplay, some of the funniest comedians on Instagram have made videos using "What I like" in their videos : Ken Starrrz (60k followers), Mr. Commodore (148k followers), Eboi Crazy (112k followers) and Joselito Dapuppet (86k followers).  

Burke has been in the music industry behind the scenes for several years but realized his passion and talent for the artistry after being asked to write lyrics for other rappers. His eventual manager Enrique Colon encouraged him to take the pen for himself and start writing his own bars.
'Rise to Greatness' represents 17 years of up and downs while figuring out his journey. His stories on the album convey a lot of "feel good" memories, but also a lot of pain and tragedy as well. One of those "feel good" songs on his album is called "What I Like". It's a track about going out, drinking and enjoying yourself. He also shows versatility with a track called 2x, which highlights a mutual loving relationship between a man and a woman. However, Burke also has tracks that highlight the difficulties he has endured in his life.
When asked what separates himself from other artist Burke keeps his answer simple: "My story. My story is what separates me from everyone else. I have a story to tell that these kids can understand and relate to," says the East Harlem based rapper.
At the age of 14, Burke had to fend for himself, which led to him making a name for himself in the streets. Burke aced his share of hardships but continued to persevere. After much turmoil, he decided enough was enough and made changes in his life that would only better him.
With so many artists faking their upbringing and how they grew up, he represents a breath of fresh air. His genuine approach to his music, which incorporates real life events have prepared him to be next up in the industry. Burke's most important note about his debut project was more inspirational than anything else. 
"I know that I can serve as a role model and show kids that there are other options than the streets. My influence goes beyond the music. I'm giving "game" to these young kids on the project as well."
Billionaire Burke "What I Like" - Official Music Video

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Monday, September 18, 2017

#Smarterhiphop #Submission Keepin’ it Real - Myth Of Unity are proud of their ‘Hometown’

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Watch the kickin' new video here - https://youtu.be/7sFWiRIYH20


Keepin' it Real - Myth Of Unity are proud of their 'Hometown'


Roll over N-Dubz…because 'Myth Of Unity' are here, and smashing it with their new release 'Hometown'! Gritty street style rap mixed with sweet harmonious vocals are placed over a kicking beat which is bringing fire to the ears of music lovers from across the world. Embracing a fresh, uplifting urban style, this trio from Blackpool have not only pricked the ears up of local scouts, but also tastemakers globally. 'Hometown' brings us all back to earth as it encourages and empowers the listener to be proud of their roots and areas that we grew up in. This all started when a YouTube blogger announced that the group weren't from Blackpool, which fired the trio up to work on setting the record straight; by writing and recording "Hometown'.

'Missy B' kills it with her huge vocal hooks melding cleverly with the flowing gritty word play from rapper 'Trix'. This is all brought together with state of the art production from 'DJ Cali'. Seriously, the groups' original music and unique style has created positive reactions through radio play and in clubs around the world, and there is so much more to come. The trio have already built up a massive and loyal fanbase while recording eclectic covers of popular tunes and getting them out there on Youtube. Now watch them get higher and build an empire as they start writing and recording their own original material. Inspired when they were younger by the likes of 2pac, So Solid Crew, Gwen Stefani, The Fugees and Michael Jackson, 'Myth Of Unity' now find themselves supporting Dappy, Little Mix, Labrinth, Rizzle Kicks and Wretch 32, live on tours and at festivals. These guys are defo bringing heat to stages globally. "We love travelling and performing, and it's our aim to do much more of that in the future" is often heard from the group. What more can I say?Even being thrust into the limelight recently playing with big named artists in France; Missy B, Trix and Cali still cite their best live gig as one in their 'Hometown', Blackpool. They have even had their video hosted on BG Media, an upcoming platform on YouTube to showcase grime and rap artists from Blackpool and the surrounding area. 

'Hometown' has been mastered at Abbey Road and just goes to prove the ability of the group to write strong original material as well as covering anthems from artists around the world. 'Hometown' is now available to buy from most digital outlets such as iTunes, Spotify, Amazon music to name but a few.

The band can be heard and contacted through all social media platforms:






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Friday, September 15, 2017

#Smarterhiphop Submission by @thesource Safaree Talks New Music, Rick Ross Drops New Video, Will ESPN Fire Jemele Hill & more ?

The Official Source Magazine 

Rick Ross Goes To Greece in New Video & More | Source News Flash


Gucci Mane's Mr Davis release was pushed back
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